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I was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, where I grew up surrounded by arts, crafts and visual arts. I fell in love with photography at the age of 16 and it has been an on-going love affair ever since!

I started shooting on film with a ‘normal’ family camera – all I can remember is that it was red, we didn’t have digital cameras or iPhones back in the day. I took pictures of regular things: my life, travels, friends… every day teenage life. Then I went through a conceptual stage, shooting ideas that connected with my painting and arts avocation. I participated in contests for young artists in my hometown, winning first place in a couple of them and I then went on to study graphic design at university.

Today, I live on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where I built up my reputation by working as a photographer and graphic designer for small agencies and the high-end online island guide White Ibiza. It was here I developed my love for creating beautiful images in this fantastic location, shooting for Ibiza’s most important brands.

I’m creative, versatile and I like to get involved in the creative process. I’m a go-getter with a relaxed personality and I thrive on positive thinking. I live in Ibiza all year round and I know the island, its beautiful golden light, its landscapes and even some of its secrets very well, making me the ideal choice to photograph your own Ibiza moments.

WHAT I DO  I shoot people, nature, food, weddings, fashion and lifestyle imagery. I believe everybody has a unique point of view and story to tell and I love being a part of this. I usually shoot in colour and I love light and bright imagery, soft focus, open spaces and intimate moments. Photography is my passion and I love sharing it with my clients.

WHAT I LIKE  Sight is my favourite sense and has always been my motivation. I just love seeing incredible things, places, people… life. I like finding beauty in common places and capturing the world around me. I love how things fall naturally into place and I try to capture everything in the most authentic way.

WHY IBIZA  I first came to Ibiza for a holiday, arriving on my 20th birthday. I didn’t take a single photo in the first four days due to the excitement of being here! My eyes just couldn’t believe all this beauty. After an incredible month here, I went back home to Chile and instantly decided I needed to return. I came here to live and chase my dreams in 2011 with my husband Max. Ibiza has that magic – it just captures you…

I love capturing the memories of a lifetime on camera at Ibiza destination weddings. Reportage and candid wedding images with a modern twist and colourful Ibiza look.

© Sofia Gomez Fonzo
Sofia Gomez Fonzo
Listing Type : Wedding Suppliers / Photographer
Location : Ibiza / Ibiza / Ibiza
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